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Owning rental property is a great investment, however, it can also present its own set of challenges. From listing your rental, to screening tenants and collecting rent, managing rental property is, unquestionably, a huge responsibility. Dealing with complaints, undoubtedly, can take a toll on any landlord. PMC Realty Group has extensive experience in property management and we are here with answers.

We offer a complete suite of services, so you do not have to deal with any of the stressful property management tasks. We offer all the perks of a large property management firm, but without sacrificing the “mom and pop” feel that we are known for. In other words, we do more than just collect rent. We take the time to get to know both our homeowners and our tenants. With PMC Realty Group, in essence, you become part of our family.

Our Georgia property managers are here for you, without reservation, to protect your greatest investment.

Real Estate Services

Roger Snow of PMC Realty Group

Roger Snow is a Georgia licensed Real Estate Broker in addition to being a licensed General Contractor and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. As a result, he helps real estate investors and home buyers identify and mitigate risk when purchasing a property by helping to buy at the right price. Not only that, but as a listing agent, he identifies potential issues that may hinder the sale of a property at the maximum price. Combining that with his expert knowledge as a licensed General Contractor and his experience in the local market, it enables him to give recommendations and estimated costs for any repairs needed without reservation. Consequently, choosing Roger and PMC Realty Group to represent you, whether buying or selling, you get so much more than a typical real estate agent.

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What do Property Managers Do?

Our Property Management Services include dealing with the day to day tasks of managing your rental property. In addition to collecting rent, Property Managers will also advertise and list your rental home, screen potential tenants, process lease agreements, handle all maintenance and repair issues, respond to complaints from tenants as well as pursue evictions, if necessary. A good Property Management Company will protect your investment and ensure that your rental home is managed effectively to save you the time and the headache of being a landlord .

Our Property Management Services

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Local Rental
Market Analysis
Security Deposits
Collect Monthly Rent and
Manage Security Deposits
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Maintenance and Service
Tenant Screening & Selection
Tenant Screening & Selection
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting

Local Rental Home Market Analysis

Pricing your rental property accurately is essential, not only for your bottom line, but to reduce tenant vacancies. For instance, high turnover can be extremely costly and will significantly affect your ROI. As your property management company, we will do a thorough walk through of your rental home to ensure rent readiness plus make recommendations for any safety concerns or cosmetic improvements in an effort to get you top dollar. Additionally, using our knowledge of the local market, we will provide an analysis of comparable rental properties in the area as a means to help determine appropriate rental pricing.

Property Marketing

To emphasize, the longer your rental home remains empty, the more money you lose as a landlord. PMC Realty Group, however, understands the importance of listing your rental property quickly and on the right marketing platforms. Hence, our real estate agents and property managers utilize the latest technology, techniques, and tools to market your home. We understand, in other words, that everyday life doesn’t stop just because you’re selling or renting a house. In short, our custom marketing plans allow our clients to rent or sell their property in the least amount of time, with the best terms, and with the least amount of inconvenience.

Tenant Screening

New tenant screening and selection is an essential component to both a successful tenant/landlord relationship and a property management experience. First of all, we pre-screen the prospective tenant prior to showing your property to qualify them. Then, we will schedule a time to show your property. Once we have identified a strong candidate, we move onto the background screening process. We will conduct extensive tenant screenings, above all, to ensure that you are getting the best possible tenants in your rental unit.

  • Criminal Background Screening
  • Credit Check
  • Employment and Income Verification
  • Landlord Reference checks

Rental Home Inspections

We thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your property prior to tenant move-in and again upon tenant move-out. Furthermore, we will provide a move-out inspection checklist coupled with photos and handle any tenant damages swiftly and efficiently .

Rent Collections

As professional Georgia property managers, it is important to demonstrate a clear process and be consistent with our deadlines. For instance, PMC Realty Group will collect rent on an assigned date every month in order to make sure that you are paid on time, every time. From time to time, residents may either be unable or unwilling to pay the rent. If the unfortunate situation arises that requires an eviction, we know and understand the laws that must be followed and will address the eviction process, above all, in the upmost professional manner. Most of the time, under those circumstances, once the eviction is filed, the tenant will pay what is owed in an attempt to settle the eviction .

Rental Home Maintenance

If you need a repair or have an emergency, we have a network of professional contractors that not only provides quality work, but most importantly, at reasonable rates so that we can help you protect your bottom line.

Learn more about our Property Maintenance and repair service.

Financial Reporting

Finally, as a rental property investor, you will be required to report your rental income to the IRS. With this in mind, PMC Realty Group provides you with a 1099 from Property Management Complete which reflects your income as well as your expenses. Your operating expenses will include the repairs and maintenance for all of your rental properties for the year, in addition to your property management fees. Because your expenses are tax deductible, be certain to consult with an Accountant for more specifics on your rental property and associated tax obligations.

In addition to the end of year reporting, you will also have access to our financial reporting tool for the purpose of tracking your return on investment – ROI .

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