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How Are We Doing?

You are very important to us here at PMC, and we truly appreciate all of your ideas, comments and suggestions and if you like us we would love to share that fact on our site and if you don’t…well we promise we will work on whatever it takes!


Mr. & Mrs. Rob R Pennsylvania Roger & Lisa,

PMC’s fast response in every situation makes us feel very secure. Just knowing you are there watching our house takes a big load off. Your service is superb!
Rob & Rose Ms. Lyn H Canada I have been more than happy with PMC. I live in Canada right now and I feel more than confident with the special care that this company takes. It’s not just a house they take care of it’s somebodies home. I am relieved that I can leave my home in such capable and caring hands. All fees are explained to me before anything is done, a monthly statement is also provided.

Thank you Lisa & Roger for taking such good care of everything for me.

Mr & Mrs. Casey K. Georgia

PMC persevered in finding a renter for our house and helped us along the way.
Thank you Roger and Lisa

Mr. David C. Ringgold, GA

We are very pleased with the professional manner in which the property is being managed. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Vicki P Oregon

I would refer you to anyone. You have been such a big blessing to me. I do not have to worry about anything when it comes to my rentals. Although I am spoiled and used to my husband doing the work and maintenance which saves a lot of $$$. So the money on the maintenance has been an a bit of an adjustment. Welcome to the real world. Thank you for everything you do.

Mr. & Mrs. Tom A Lavonia, GA

Everything seems to be going well at the Monroe house…..thanks for a great experience!!

Ms. Mellisa W. Conyers, GA

Not much to say except that in this still very difficult time I am so grateful that y’all are taking care of my house for me. Thank you for everything it has been a great experience!

Mrs. Darla L Texas

If it were not for PMC living in Houston Texas would not be easy, but with your company behind our home we know always with any situation your on top of taking care of a problem !!! We THANK you very much !
Ron,Darla & Eva

Mr. & Mrs. Robley G Michigan

Roger and Lisa, we, the Garcia’s from Michigan are very pleased and satisfied with your service. It is very difficult to trust in somebody else to manage your property but you have demonstrated to us that PMC is a serious and very responsible company. Keep up the good job. Thanks for all you do, Robly and Maria.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark V California

We a very pleased with PMC service.

Mr. and Mrs. Jansen Ohio

My husband and I moved to Ohio 22 years ago. I’m an only child and my parents lived in Conyers, Georgia for almost 40 years. We remained close and spent as much time as possible together. Even though they stayed with me every year for six weeks during the holidays – I didn’t understand how bad they suffered with dementia and other physical issues. I wanted them to be independent for as long as possible. During the summer of 2013 I was alarmed by their deterioration. We decided they had to come live with us. I was overwhelmed with the details of moving them. At 81 and 85 their medical issues, their personal business issues and protecting them during the move was an overwhelming task. I talked with several Conyers friends and explained my fears. I asked for suggestions as well as information about selling their house.

I will be forever grateful for the recommendation to use Roger Snow to help sell their house. Our first meeting with Roger was not only informative, it was therapy for me. My husband Ron and I didn’t realize that the weight of responsibility for my parents care was causing so much stress. We explained our fears to Roger and he was not only kind, but comforting as well. I explained that while I knew their house wasn’t a savings account – I desperately needed to get as much as possible so I could provide for their care. We discussed many options and I was thrilled to hear his suggestions and opinions on our situation.

Through the process Roger was more than a real estate agent….he was truly our friend. Instead of presenting the facts of the process from the buyer’s side only – he offered suggestions that let us know he was “our” agent first and was committed to doing what was right for us. I will never be able to thank him enough for eliminating the stress of this sale. Every time we called he responded quickly. We discussed every decision with him and he always had ideas. He was kind, helpful and a real joy to work with. The few difficulties we faced were easily solved with Roger by our side.

The house sold within two days and the closing process was normal. Because we were out of state Roger kept a close eye on our house. When the temps dipped below freezing, he dropped by the house to be sure all was well. He kept us completely informed with “common language” explanations and basically held our hands through the process.

Ron and I are positive that no matter what your real estate needs are, the best thing you can do for your sanity and your finances is to hire Roger Snow. Whether you have rental property or you want the best agent to sell your home – you can’t go wrong with Roger at your side. We will always consider Roger a great friend and the best decision we made!

Ron and Debbie Jansen